Learn about neuro physiotherapy telerehabilitation

Flexible and convenient, telerehabilitation physiotherapy is a useful tool to improve physical health, mental functions and mental health. This flexible online treatment option can meet the individual needs of our clients, no matter where you live.

Whenever possible, we recommend clients attend all of their sessions in person to receive the greatest quality of hands-on care to achieve maximal results. However, this is not always feasible for clients who live farther away or those who do not have access to convenient transportation options.

Physiotherapy telehealth appointments

Virtual telehealth sessions are the delivery of clinical services (assessments or treatments) through online communication. Virtual sessions are becoming increasingly popular because of an easier quicker connection to a neuro physiotherapist. Physiotherapy telehealth sessions adapt to your personal needs and challenges.

What to expect at a physio telehealth appointment

Virtual sessions appointments are booked by telephone or email. Once you register as a client, you will receive an email with a link to log-on and start your session. We use free, user-friendly platforms that allow our clients to meet their therapist virtually face-to-face, to discuss challenges, practice exercises, and progress their programs from the comfort of their own homes.

Our therapists watch carefully to see that your exercises are being performed safely and are modified to challenge you on individual bases. With a realtime consultation, you will receive exercise videos to demonstrate specific exercises directly to a client’s computer or smartphone. With the help of our experienced neuro physiotherapist, they will help to ensure consistent completion of the home exercise program.  Consistent monitoring and exercise adaption to your needs is critical to achieving the best possible outcomes.

Technical requirements that you should have to have a successful telehealth physiotherapy session will include the use of a mobile device, tablet, or computer with high-speed WIFI, microphone, speaker and video capabilities. Our team can help you connect online to our meeting platform but we still need you to provide the technology on your end.

Learn more about the benefits of telerehabilitation

Physiotherapy telehealth is an effective way to begin or continue physiotherapy sessions when getting to the office may be difficult. And although telerehabilitation may not be appropriate for all clients, it has many benefits to continuing the healing process. Vertigo treatment and concussion treatment can be beneficial to reduce movement but gain expert advice through the Internet. Contact us by phone or email to determine clinical suitability prior to receiving virtual sessions.

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