See how the PoNS Treatment™ offered by the Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic helped give her a new life filled with hope and joy.

“I’ve got a different life but it’s a vibrant, active, wonderful life…. I’m a mom again…. That’s the best thing that the PoNS Treatment™ has given me.”

How has the PoNS Treatment™ program changed your life? 

Patsy: In March, before I started this trial, I was housebound. I couldn’t, I really couldn’t leave the house without suffering greatly. And now, like today, I went to work. I hopped on a ferry and I listened to a guy practicing his French horn. And I walked down the middle of the aisle fast, an aisle corridor that long run that you get as being a passenger on the ferry and jobs passing, people pulling my suitcase. Whereas before when I started, it was torture. It was just so awful. I was the last person off the ferry because I couldn’t handle all the movement, couldn’t handle people walking by me, and I had to hold on to a rail. Every step was just so painful was just so horrible. It’s like walking through mud.

And now I’m with passive people and it’s comfortable. Everything has changed physically, cognitively and my vision. I’m still working on stuff I still like. I …. I’m not getting my life back but I’ve got a different life. But it’s a vibrant, active, wonderful life. I’d like to thank you. The PoNS has – thank you – it’s just giving me a life. Giving me a new life! 

What changes have your loved ones seen in you since you began the PoNS Treatment™ program? 

Patsy: My daughter wants me to add right here that, she could not tell (see) all of the different symptoms that I have so much difficulty with, like whether or not I can read, whether or not it’s easy for me to drive now. Which it is. I can read I can read professional texts. I can read coding. I can scan a code and correct it. I only saw blank before, and that is new since this trial.

But my daughter says the important thing for her is that I now have opinions. I now give her advice. think she likes that. But she says the difference to her is that she didn’t even realize until I came back that our roles had completely reversed. And now I’m the mom again! And she said for her, that’s the biggest thing that the PoNS Treatment™ has given.

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